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20+ Ordinary Products and Services That Are Nothing More Than Insolent Scams

Reddit users are completely sure that true lies are not only found in criminal records but also in our regular daily lives — especially in common products and services.

We at Bright Side have read the entire Reddit thread regarding scams in products and services and found several ideas we completely agree with. And in the bonus feature, you’ll see a situation we’ve all been in as children.

  • Diet culture. Not getting healthy, or changing your diet, or anything like that. I’m talking subscribing to an actual diet (like keto and so on) and paying hundreds of dollars a month for cookbooks, food subscriptions and stuff like that. The diet industry makes millions of dollars a year. Their focus is to keep you fat and unhappy. You will either keep gaining the weight back (and blaming yourself) or you’ll give up and stay fat (and hate yourself). Talk to a doctor about changing your diet if you’re unhappy with your body. © extra_username

  • Priority boarding for airlines. Personally, if I paid extra I would want to be the last person on the plane. I sit down, we go. I wouldn’t pay extra to make my plane time longer by 30 mins just to have 100 people bump into me as they board. © mr_ribzeater

  • Having to pay congestion charges or road taxes. You have to pay tax on your income, and then you have to pay tax on the car you buy, tax on the insurance you are legally forced to get, tax on the petrol you put into the car. All of this so the government can purposely build roads. And on top of that, you have to pay even more to use the road you already paid for. © BalouCurie

  • Recruitment agencies. They call and go, “Hello, we’ve found your CV online. We have a job that might be interesting to you. You are a great candidate.” And they lie to you. They lie to you about the pay, they lie to the company about your skills. And this is because they are not only paid for good candidates, they are paid for the number of people that came to the interview. © Average-as-hell

  • Organic products. They are smaller, and generally lower quality. They are more expensive, both for the customer and the grocery store — so the grocery store doesn’t re-stock them as often. Organic produce will get to the point where it’s about to go bad on the shelf before more is ordered. Regular produce is ordered and replaced more regularly because it’s cheaper. So people pay more for something that isn’t quite as good. © Birdo3129

  • Internships you don’t get paid for. If you look at the actual laws, internships are supposed to be primarily focused on education. If the intern is doing work that is providing value to the company, they are supposed to be paid. © Hemderl

  • Buying books in college. I had a psychology professor in college who made us buy a tiny $60 book, the most expensive book of my college career (this was back when a thick calculus or organic chemistry textbooks cost around $35). It was written by a friend of his. We only used one page of the book. © BubbhaJebus

  • Life coaching. It’s like giving a therapist license to control your life which is why therapy is great and life coaching is not. A therapist leads the horse to the water and leaves the option to drink the water up to the horse. A life coach takes a horse and force-feeds it hay. © whyyagottabemean

  • Hotels charging for WiFi and also flights. You’re telling me I can get free WiFi from libraries, coffee shops, the dentist, and the bus but I can’t get WiFi included with this $189/night room? If I spend more than $2, I want free WiFi. © boydcrowdersteeths

  • I stayed at a resort in Hawaii a few months back that charged an extra $14 per day for air conditioning...For people saying you don’t need air, you do when you can’t open the windows. © 2PhatCC

  • Letting people sign up for your service online or by phone, but requiring them to mail a physical letter to cancel. There should be a law that says canceling a service must be as easy as signing up. © SaneLad

  • I absolutely hate “paper mail commercials”. They should not be legal. It’s my box and I should not have to deal with someone putting unwanted trash in it every day, ESPECIALLY when that trash often has my personal information on it and requires special attention to dispose of. © teamanfisatoker

  • Any kind of over-the-counter pill, vitamin, cream or personal cleansing product that is usually unisex but claims that this particular one is for men or women only. It’s the same razor model but in a different color, Gillette. Also, I don’t even like the color blue, I like pink even though I’m not a girl! © strangelove77

  • I used to work for UPS and there was a girl on my route that would order a new hair dye each day and she bought it from one of these sort of alternative medicine type companies where it’s supposed to be all-natural and good for your hair. Each day she looked more depressed about the god awful color she received the day before but she kept ordering new ones on next day delivery. © JohnHW97

  • Food marketing in the U.S. Examples: “All-natural” (to make an item seem “healthier” and people confuse this with “organic” when they’re not the same). “Atlantic salmon” (actually farm-raised salmon, just named Atlantic as if it was wild salmon). “Free-range chicken/eggs” (thousands of chickens are still in a massive “warehouse,” they just have the option to go out of a very small door where there is no food so they never do). © jdeegz502


Do you have anything to add to this list? What products and services seem to be insolent scams but nobody really notices it?

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