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20 Ordinary Things That Got an Unforeseen Upgrade

Even ordinary things like milk cartons, bubble wrap, or flyswatters can amaze people. But only, of course, if they were made by extraordinary people, whose imagination doesn’t have any limits.

We at Bright Side love creative things because they make our lives brighter and more interesting. Here are 20 pieces of evidence.

“My milk carton has a level indicator.”

The National Geographic Gallery uses its logo as its door handle.

This radiator has a pie warmer.

“I made a large (10” tall) fully functional (Bluetooth) AirPod."

This trailer made from an airplane in Key West

This woman and her saw-shaped cane

This bubble wrap is heart-shaped.

This chocolate spoon I ate my cereal with

The bike rack at this dog park is a slinky dog.

A burrito-like pencil case

“This ball-shaped Fanta bottle I found”

This clock that looks like a knot

These door handles match the professions of the workers in the buildings.

These sticky notes came on a mini-pallet.

Unusual pedestrian crossings — the left one is in Mexico, and the right one is in Russia.

“This fly swatter that gives the fly a chance”

Paper snowflakes cut into Star Wars shapes

“The ceiling in my parents’ toilet has a maze.”

These burger seats

A chair built into a cane

Which of these things would you love to use?

Preview photo credit Hustler_Kamikaze / reddit