20 Ordinary Things That Look So Weird Under a Microscope They Seem to Belong to a Parallel Universe

People’s curiosity knows no boundaries because we always want to know every tiny detail. Microscopes that are able to enlarge the image of an object by thousands or millions of times are there to help us. It is thanks to them that we can see what chalk, a cat’s and human’s tongue, teeth, and other ordinary things look like.

Bright Side peeked inside the core of ordinary things that surround us every day and found out that they look like something unearthly under a microscope.

1. Muscle tissue

2. A strawberry’s surface

3. Fruit fly eye (Drosophilidae family)

4. Chalk

If you put chalk under a powerful microscope—white cliffs of Dover type of chalk, not the modern blackboard variety—you will see something like this. Because it’s not just a rock. It’s an accumulation of ancient skeletons: the armored husks of single-celled, ocean-dwelling plankton.

5. The tip of a ballpoint pen

6. A tooth magnified to the atomic level

7. 2-day-old Zebrafish larvae

8. Record grooves

9. Butterfly wing

10. A human eyelash

11. Grass under a microscope is so happy.

12. The foot of an Aedis Aegypti mosquito

13. LCD screen

14. The cut stem of a rose

15. An ant’s head

16. A cat’s tongue under a microscope looks like it’s made of other smaller tongues.

17. Phytoplankton

18. Sand

19. Needle with thread

20. Human hair

Which of these things amazed you most of all? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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