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20 Overheard Conversations So Hilarious People Couldn’t Resist Sharing Them

We overhear people talking on the street, at the supermarket, and everywhere else whether we want to or not. And sometimes we happen to hear true gems of conversation that we just have to share on social media.

At Bright Side, we found some of these overheard conversations. Read on to have a good laugh.


5 year old daughter talking to her Dad.

Daughter: Why does Mom wear makeup?

Dad: To look pretty.

Daughter: But she is already pretty.

Dad: Awww!

Daughter: Dad, you should wear makeup.


Waitress: Is there anything else you'd like?

Customer: Yes, I'd like to be left alone.


Customer: You close at 6:30, right?

Salesman: Yes, but we close emotionally at 6.


Customer: My name is Bri.

Cashier: Brie, like the cheese? Nice to meet you. I am Mason, like the jar.


Boy to girl: Excuse me, may I read your palm? You just have a beautiful energy and I could feel it from across the parking lot.

Girl: That's my anxiety disorder.


Friend 1: Oh, we're busy this weekend. We're going to Greg's lightning party.

Friend 2: What's a lightning party?

Friend 1: We're celebrating one year since Greg got struck by lightning.


Wife: How drunk were you last night?

Husband: I donated money to Wikipedia!


Girl 1: Doesn't she have a tattoo that reads "Relevant"?

Girl 2: Yeah, but it's fading so that's fitting.


Boy: Come with me to Morocco next Thanksgiving!

Girl: I don't know if I will like you in a year.


Girl: Every psycho I have ever dated was a Leo.

Boy: Every psycho I have ever dated believed in astrology.


Girl coming out of fitting room.

Friend: That shirt is horrible.

Girl: This is the shirt that I came in.


Cashier: How are you today?

Customer: Okay.

Cashier: Life isn't supposed to be lived just okay.

Customer: Look, I just came here for some coconut water, not a damn life coach.


Two taxi drivers chatting.

TD 1: How's your eldest son doing, Jimmy?

TD 2: He's getting married. I think he got tired of being happy.


Mom (pointing towards a group of people): See? Young people do Tai-Chi.

Daughter: No, Mom, I think she's looking for a Wi-fi network.


Two girls on the bus sitting in front of me start talking about a date that one of them had recently been on.

One of them says, "And then he stuck his hand up my skirt!" and her friend replied, "The one with the stripes on it?"


An 11-year-old on the phone with his friend: "Yeah, she picked Jake over me because she said he texts back faster."


Guy: I literally hate my job. I wish I was a hot girl, posted my pictures on Instagram, and called myself a fashion blogger.

Friend: Too bad you look like a house elf from Harry Potter.


Bus conductor: Madam, that seat is reserved for people with a disability.

Lady: I have to go to New Jersey and that makes me feel emotionally disabled.


Overheard at a gas station.

Clerk 1: Janet worked last night, didn't she?

Clerk 2: Yeah, why?

Clerk 1: The candy is organized by color again.

Clerk 2: Dammit, Janet!


Overheard at a morgue: "Hi! Do you accept walk-ins?"

Have you ever overheard anything like the convos above? Or, maybe you were part of one of these conversations? Drop your stories in the comments below!

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