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20 Panoramic Photos That Went So Wrong, We Can’t Stop Laughing

Panoramic photos can be truly breathtaking if done right. When attempting to take them, we usually have to snap a few separate shots to get an entire scene in the frame. The thing is, it’s super hard to get this right. Though, when left to amateurs, the shots turn into something totally bizarre and hilarious.

Bright Side has gathered 20 the most epic panorama fails that are amusing and peculiar at the same time.

Who needs a selfie stick anyway?

When your dog runs too fast:

When you want to look at the camera, but can’t stop scrolling your Facebook newsfeed:

Who wants to be stroked by the invisible man?

Tandem horse — like a bicycle, but a horse.

“I regret trying to take a cute panorama photo of my dog.”

Undercover giraffe

“The lighting changed as I took my panorama photo.”

When your dad is new to panoramic shots:

“A panoramic image catching my cat sneezing”

When you try to make a nice pose, but your friend trolls you:

It feels like this dog has just jumped into another dimension:

And here is the owner of this dog:

The invisible man keeps being nice.

The law of refraction got broken.

A girlfriend of a Siamese twin

“My friend stood up during a panoramic shot and all that I got were his disembodied floating legs.”

The levitating hand

Just showing the direction

“Darling, it’s not the best shot of yours...”

Have you ever taken any unsuccessful panoramic photos? Share yours with us in the comments section below!

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