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20+ People for Whom Unsolvable Problems Don’t Exist

Practical thinking is a really powerful and helpful thing. Thanks to it, you can find a solution to almost any problem. Elon Musk would probably lose sleep if he found out about some of these!

Bright Side gathered 26 photos that prove how the practicality of some people can sometimes border on total insanity.

1. When the air-conditioner breaks:

2. A worthy substitute

3. If there's no shade, make your own!

4. Fixing an old and broken TV has never been so simple!

5. When you can't find a proper phone holder but you have 15 minutes and very few tools on hand:

6. Life after death for shoes

7. "Locking a door and putting the chain through a wall..."

8. Who knew that a broken shovel can be fixed with the help of a crutch?

9. When you can't find a unique phone case but you have a glue gun:

10. "I realized that 'desperate times call for desperate measures' when I lost one of my flip-flops."

11. If it looks stupid but it works – it's not that stupid.

12. "My friend's phone touch screen stopped working but it didn't get him down."

13. How is that even possible?

14. Who would have thought that a toilet can come in handy during a BBQ?

15. "Forgot to bring my comb to work, so I made one out of forks."

16. Just a door handle. Wait, what?

17. "My computer charger only works when you push it in and hold it. Yet again, instead of buying a new cord, I found a way around it."

18. Cheap and accessible auto body repair.

19. The door almost didn't fit...

20. Using a newspaper as a welding mask...

21. There's nothing a pack of Band-Aids can't fix!

22. "This is how my brother makes bacon."

23. "The toilet paper was hanging the wrong way. So I fixed the problem."

24. This is how my 5-y.o. son fills a water bottle:

25. Objects in mirror may be exactly as they appear.

26. The simplicity of genius!

Can you think outside the box in critical situations? Share your photos with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit poonami/imgur, u/ref5022/reddit
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