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20 People Making Silly Mistakes Without Even Realizing It

Well, everyone makes silly mistakes that they're not proud of. From not wearing pants to accidentally biting a piece of soap - no one is safe.

Here at Bright Side, we've created a list of some mistakes that were captured on camera and put online.

1. We don't think he realized he'd be filmed from this angle.

2. "My girlfriend didn't want to lose her keys so she did this."

3. This should work!

4. Caroline Wozniacki trying to do... something?

5. This is also a form of gas, right?

6. This customer would've been a cute kid.

7. "I don't think my mom understands how her rice cooker works."

8. This is why you shouldn't park on the beach.

9. A dishonest mistake

10. Snapchat fail of the day

11. What were these girls at IKEA thinking?

12. "My company wanted to make our fountain pink for breast cancer awareness. Didn't quite get it right."

13. "Mom thought she bought a map of the world."

14. The carpenter was having a bad day.

15. Giving passengers a loaded gun...

16. "This is how my wife decided to unpack her new cable."

17. Perfect bench placement

18. Only one spot left to paint now!

19. "Long yellow things"

20. "I have no idea what I'm doing."

If you've ever made a mistake like the ones on this list and managed to capture it on camera, feel free to drop it in the comments! Don't forget to share this article if you can relate.

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