20 People Shared Stories About Who Their Classmates Have Become, and These Are Ready-Made Movie Scripts

It is believed that people’s tempers and characters are formed when they are still in school. Those who were good students are going to have a big future, and those who got terrible grades and didn’t behave are going to end up in jail. But in fact, our lives are unpredictable and it may happen that someone who wasn’t very successful at school ends up becoming a prime minister or a movie star and someone who was great at school ends up in prison.

We at Bright Side have read through some memories internet users had about their classmates and the amazing twists and turns of their lives and now we don’t believe that we can predict someone’s future just by how well they did in school.

  • My school friend had cystic fibrosis. In junior high and high school we were warned many times that CF was so brutal, that he would probably not make it to age 20. I think that made our nerdy little friend group bond because we all wanted Ralph to cram in as much fun as possible. Well, he’s pushing 50 now and is -no joke- a rocket scientist for NASA. The NASA part isn’t surprising because he is wicked smart. That he is middle-aged and in good physical shape is surprising because all the adults around us were telling us he’d never make it. © Beth Kuebler-Wolf / Quora

  • A friend of mine always led from the bottom of our class. Living with his grandma, this guy always stole her money to do things like gamble and buy toys so he could be like the rich kids in class. Fast forward 13–14 years, I connect with him on Facebook and he requests my phone number. So I looked through his profile and wait a minute! He is living the life that many young men would wish to live. He has a posh home and vehicles, he’s balling at high-end restaurants and pubs, he’s drinking the most expensive wines, and hanging out with a list who’s who in my country. We link up and meet at his house. He then explains how his life changed through networking, and now he’s doing businesses. He also met a guy who introduced him to some trade and he’s now engaging in active politics. What’s funny is, he offers to let me handle his social media accounts, because of his new political endeavors. Never underestimate the poor performers in class. They may never be clever (like have the ability to remember information) but they might be wise (like have the ability to handle things and discern when to do something or not in real-life situations)... © Calvins Mwanyumba / Quora

  • A story about a guy from college: he finished medial school with flying colors, he became a psychiatrist, he traveled from conference to conference, 5 years later he dropped medicine (he said he couldn’t tell who was the doctor and who was the patient anymore). He went to some wild place (like, hogs come a look at what weirdo would come to this place) where he makes honey, breeds pigs, and goes fishing. Sometimes, I go to his place to take a break from city life. And he lives a happy life. © maffinir / Reddit

  • A guy I know dropped out of college, never built a career, he worked on a construction site, and I thought he would drink himself to death. He has a bright and unusual appearance: it is not that he is just classically handsome, but he is very out of the ordinary and charming. There was a time he lived outside because his parents were from a village and he didn’t have any relatives in the city. I remember that I helped him find a job. And then, a rich girl fell in love with him, they went to the capital, and a local modeling agency recruited him. He moved to London and now he is on runways all the time. The girl moved to be with him after a while and they had a son. © iamalibertine / Pikabu

  • It’s about my high school best friend... He was tied for top average grade percentage across our high-performing high school. Absolute scholastic unit... He’s now an ultimate frisbee playing, fun cycling, stay-at-home dad with a double degree and has a highly successful business-minded wife. He really was the smartest one of us. © MuddyMiercoles / Reddit

  • A friend of mine was a decorated student in high school. Top cadet in JROTC, top 25 out of 500 students, got a scholarship, a gifted chemist, and on top of that, he joined Army ROTC in college to get in track to become a U.S citizen (he is undocumented). So what happened? He gave up everything to sell Herbalife and Amway thinking he will be a millionaire in 5 years. © SgtBigPigeon / Reddit

  • When I was in school, it was kinda cool to look like a thug. And a guy from my class was the best at looking and acting like it. Teachers were scared of him and other guys were jealous. Obviously, girls absolutely loved him. At the age of 14, he looked much older than other guys. I hadn’t seen him for more than 20 years. I heard that he was a heavy drinker. Finally, I got to see him again and his story blew my mind. He became a believer. It turned out that he helps people battle alcohol addiction. “I know what alcohol is all too well. I managed to stop and now I can help others do the same,” he told me. © Alexey Tereshchenko / Quora

  • My classmate was absolutely ugly, he hung out with girls, was a very average student, and didn’t play any sports or do anything at all. He served in the military, graduated from college and now has a Ph. D in biology, is divorced, and women love him. © Prince_ipp / Twitter

  • The son of my teacher was a football player, had a beautiful girlfriend (they broke up before he graduated though), and was a procrastinator. Once he graduated, he went to work at a restaurant for a year and, as far as I knew, he was going to attend college the next year but he had no idea of what his major was gonna be. I just found out 2 weeks ago that he got accepted to a local seminary and is going to become a priest! I was shocked, to say the least. © D_Shwimm / Reddit

  • I went to high school with a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She once dated Leonardo DiCaprio back in 2011. Erin didn’t always look the way she does today, and back when I remember her, she was a tom-boyish basketball player who wore sweats and hoodies every day to school. Little did anyone know there were wings underneath those drawstrings. © Paul McLaughlin / Quora

  • It’s my best friend in high school. His stepdad was a district attorney and apparently they didn’t get along at all. He sold illegal substances. My parents hated him. After he graduated from high school, while living 100 percent on his own, he did 2 years of college before getting accepted into a major medical university program that actually paid him to be there. He is now a pharmaceutical engineer living in Switzerland. My parents were surprised to hear that. © Pm_me_instructions / Reddit

  • I found my classmate’s phone number by accident and I haven’t seen him for 7 years. I called him up and I just wanted to have some fun, so I go,
    — Mr. Jackson?
    — Yes. It’s me.
    — This is your parole officer Adams. You have to come to the station for...
    And then he interrupts me and says that he had come to the station the previous week. So, I found out that he had done 3 years and was on parole. It wasn’t a good prank. © Sibiryak48 / Pikabu

  • An overweight guy in school was a lame dancer, teachers didn’t like him much, and didn’t expect him to become anything special. Now, 10 years later, he is a professional dancer and a world-famous teacher, he travels around the world with his lessons, he is developing, he’s smart, and he’s really cool. This is a very inspiring example, I’m happy for him! © rosya_why / Twitter

  • I went to high school with a girl we all thought would probably just get married and settle into that life. She wasn’t, apparently, fit for much else. The commander of our ROTC unit somehow set her up as a housekeeper/maid for someone who soon became one of the most powerful men in the world. She set up her own company devoted exclusively to providing only the very best housekeepers money could buy (and a very thorough vetting). She became the first millionaire of our class. © James Gilmore / Quora

  • A girl from my class was very quiet and there was nothing special about her whatsoever. Now, she is married to the son of a Russian billionaire from the Forbes 100, she owns metallurgy plants, and lives in London. Funnily enough, I was told about this by another one of my classmates that also lives in London and does some serious scientific studies at Oxford, even though she wasn’t special at all when she was in school. © Molecoola / Pikabu

Do you have classmates that really surprised you when you saw or heard from them in your adult life?

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