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20 People Show What Cheered Them Up on a Bad Day, and It Can Melt Your Heart

We all have bad days from time to time, but small surprises can really cheer us up and help us forget about our problems. You can’t be sad when a butterfly lands on your shoulder or when your baby smiles for the first time. Take a look at some moments that are sure to lift your spirits!

Bright Side hopes your day was full of nice moments but if you feel sad, this article can make you a bit happier.

20. When a good boy suddenly comes up to you, demands to be pet, and gives you a lot of love:

19. “Our baby was born last year at 25.6 weeks and weighed 2 lb 2 oz. This is the first time he smiled. It was beautiful and I’ll always remember that moment.”

18. Just a cute otter sleeping on its tail

17. When your cat decides to join you for dinner:

16. What can be better than playing with a baby opossum?

15. “Someone in my building left this in the entry way. I didn’t take it, but it still made my day better!”

14. “This taxi driver played happy hippie music in his car and decorated it with flowers.”

13. “A fruit vendor noticed I was feeling bad and decided to give me this.”

12. “A surprise from my lovely girlfriend after a tough day at work.”

11. “Our first daughter at 5 days old. 3 lb 14 oz. She was happy to be alive!”

10. “A nice employee gave me 5 free bagels to cheer me up.”

9. “A butterfly just landed on my shoulder! That was awesome.”

8. “This troll mural is outside my hostel in Norway. This rainy day is getting better!”

7. Extremely polite and well-mannered geese

6. “I found a plant on my doorstep.”

“Nicki, it’s your neighbor Pilar. I decided to give it to you because you said you liked it.”

5. “I asked the hotel to hide a picture of Robert Downey Jr. in my room. I forgot all about it and when I went to take a bath, I caught sight of it.”

4. “I looked in my neighbor’s yard and saw this cute dog.”

3. “Told our waiter we were having a bad day. She came back with these.”

2. “A nice old gentleman on the bus gave me this flower made out of palm tree leaves.”

1. “If you’re having a bad day, just go outside, maybe you’ll stumble upon some adorable raccoons.”

Have you ever faced any miracles when you were having a bad day? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!

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