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20 People That Found a Surprise Out of the Blue

Even if you think your life is calm — and in some ways even boring — it doesn’t mean that something unexpected or surprising can’t happen to you. The people in this compilation never expected that when buying strawberries from the store they’d find a snake in the packaging or that they’d see fuchsia water upon turning on the water tap in the kitchen!

At Bright Side, we love surprises, but after seeing these 20 photos, we think we’d rather not be flabbergasted in this way.

“My dad’s coffee grinder was acting up, so he took it apart. This was inside...”

“My parents’ water is hot pink due to a chemical leak.”

“Our car was attacked by bees while we were in the supermarket.”

“Hey, dog!”
“Hey, you fast-running photographer!”

A birthday is a holiday full of surprises!

An empty gel container in a sealed Coca-Cola bottle

“I was looking at a website where people sell their stuff. The things people are ready to do...”

“A robin has nested inside an MX helmet in my shed.”

“I’m curious as to what event led to the abandonment of these shoes at a bus stop.”

“I bought it, took a bite, and I felt it was empty. Here’s what I found.”

“Went camping for the first time. This is not our cat. Is this how you get a cat?”

2 calculators getting different answers

This is how they choose food at the supermarket.

“The HR director said she didn’t care HOW we delivered the insurance form as long as we got it in by the deadline, so I attached it to my rescue dove to deliver it.”

“This is the shower in my Airbnb. I’m not even that tall, I’m about 6’2”."

“The dog I gave anesthesia to had little infinity symbols on a few of its paw pads.”

Now you can’t use the excuse that you have no cash.

“My chicken laid a spherical egg.”

“I have my mom’s car for the day. She keeps earrings in the cup holder...”

Strawberries with a surprise

Unexpected things happen to everyone, so we’d be thrilled if you shared the surprises you’ve gotten in your life.

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