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20 People Who Are Infecting Everyone With Their Hilarity

"I think the next best thing to solving a problem, is finding some humor in it," said Frank A. Clark. And as our article shows we can use humor in any situation — from having fun with friends to something a little more complicated.

To help you see the positive in everything that happens to us daily, Bright Side has collected these pictures. Learn how to take life easy!

1. A successful birth just needs a professional catcher.

2. When tires are the only car parts you can afford:

3. If you can't do anything about it — just relax and enjoy.

4. This woman who was walking around NYC with this label on her shoe is now my wife.

5. Sometimes people make me wonder.

6. This is how a local fish restaurant welcomes its guests:

7. A lifehack for all travelers:

8. When your beard is so long and bushy that a new persona starts to develop there:

9. When you catch too many flies in your web:

10. This is the effect romantic Venice has on some people:

11. No joke, they are just walking their minions.

12. To appreciate the bridge, one must first become the bridge.

13. When there is no money for work optimizations, you have to get creative:

14. I bet this was a dad's idea.

15. This person is full of self-loafing.

16. When you hit a cloud of mosquitos without a full-face helmet:

17. When you're trying to fix your sneakers with glue but have nothing heavy to put on them.

18. Is this skateghetti or feetucini?

19. When your music, is your life:

20. Look again.

Can you tell that you are an optimist? Do you prefer to enjoy life or do you create additional problems and worries for yourself? Share with us below.

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