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20+ People Who Are Lazier Than a Couch Potato, or Even a Sloth

Just because you’re being lazy, doesn’t mean you can’t do the job at hand — it just means you will find the fastest way to do it. We all know the struggle of taking out the trash in time or having to switch off the light when you’re already cozy in bed. But there’s still a category of people who go beyond all the known levels of laziness.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve collected 23 pictures of lazy people who came up with unusual ideas for solving everyday problems without having to put in much effort.

23. " ’You can’t surf the Internet lying on the floor,’ they said."

22. When your trash looks like an art installation:

21. “I lost the remote, but there’s no way I’m moving from here.”

20. Queuing strategy, Thai style

19. “I don’t have the energy to remove the sticker.”

18. “My lazy little brother is learning how to write English letters.”

17. A new level of laziness

16. That moment when laziness meets ingenuity:

15. “This is how I turn off the light when I’m feeling lazy.”

14. Laziness or life hack?

13. “Someone please unwrap this for me!”

12. As long as you can see the road, everything is fine.

11. “My razor broke about 5 days ago. Still too lazy to get a new one.”

10. Well, he is sitting on the chair...

9. “That’s not my job!”

8. When your friend in the backseat is lazier than you:

7. His hands won’t get tired anymore.

6. “I thought I was the laziest one in our family.”

5. When your laptop is a bit too far away:

4. Every year when the clocks have to be set back an hour...

3. Someone has found a way to not wash dishes tonight.

2. “When you ask your husband to clean up after Christmas...”

1. An epic display of laziness

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were super lazy? Have you ever come up with something innovative? Please share it with us in the comments!

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