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20+ People Who Are So Insane, It’s Too Funny for Words (New Pics)

The term “gelotophilia” describes the joy of being laughed at and the state of mind when people deliberately seek out situations that will make them look hilarious to other people. We are not sure if this is the case for all the participants of this compilation, but these photos that captured their weird behavior are surely worth sharing.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve prepared a collection of funny shots depicting people doing the most mind-blowing things. Even if you don’t have a clue as to why they’re acting so strange, you’ll surely have a good laugh.

1. It looks like a snapshot from a crazy dream.

2. This is classy!

3. It looks like everyone feels comfortable.

4. There must be some point to this...

5. It’s strange but Santa is the only one looking weird here...

6. Just surfing in a city fountain...

7. It’s just for a couple of days.

8. “No more jokes, buddy!”

9. “See you down there, Batman!”

10. What is this game called?

11. A long-distance march with a full kit

12. What’s going on here?

13. We hope it doesn’t happen when the truck is on the run...

14. What a funny couple!

15. Have you heard of watermelon masks?

16. When you don’t give up that easily:

17. Spider-Man in everyday life

18. How do you park such a huge bicycle?

19. Walking a microwave because, why not?

20. When you’ve finally found the perfect location for a shot:

21. Love is...

22. Just a person walking a chicken toy

23. Chilling out no matter what

24. This is what it means to be loyal to a brand!

Which of these scenes seemed the craziest to you? Have you ever seen people doing such weird things in public? Did you manage to catch those scenes with your camera? Share your thoughts and pictures in the comments!

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