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20 People Who Are Taking Selfies Like a Pro

Selfies are global trend now. People post them often on their social media, and it’s become so ubiquitous that some users hate these kinds of pictures with all of their hearts. But a picture depends on the person who takes it — and with creativity, true emotions, and some luck, selfies can become such amazing masterpieces that they justify their own existence.

Here at Bright Side we’ve collected some selfies that are so cool that people who took them can definitely be called masters of the selfie game.

1. A selfie that was worth taking

2. Professional photobombing sloth

3. A smiling quokka makes any picture beyond perfect.

4. Now we realize that selfie sticks are crucial when you need to get a shot of a goat hanging out on a tree.

5. “What started out as a photobomb turned out to be the greatest photo I have ever taken.”

6. When your dog tried to ruin your selfie but made it better than ever:

7. Happiness overload

8. What does granny have in common with a kangaroo? That face expression when they look into the camera.

9. “Snapped a selfie with this guy today.”

10. Mister Whiskers

11. Perfect snatch

12. She definitely took him by surprise.

13. Just curious about whether all the deer in that park are trained to take great selfies.

14. Photo bamboomb

15. Most photogenic creatures ever

16. Masterpiece selfie

17. When regular selfies become too boring, here comes creativity:

18. Action selfies that capture true emotions are the best.

19. Children’s edition

20. Quokkas always look like they’re a celebrity who lets their fans take a picture with them.

Which of the selfies did you like the most? Do you have any selfies you totally mastered? Share with us in the comments.

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