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20 People Who Bought Something Cool Only to Be Crushed by Disappointment

When you buy things online, there is a risk: the picture may not be the same as it is in reality. You must prepare for potential disappointment before opening the box and seeing that the item doesn't match its picture. This problem is irritating and makes us want to warn everyone on the Internet about the seller.

Bright Side has collected some photos of purchases that may make you think twice before you press the "order" button online. Before you pay, you need to be really careful and ask for a photo of the real product and ask about its actual size. And if you buy something in a real store, be wary if your item comes in a bright beautiful package - it could be masking something.

"What I ordered and what she received."

"My buddy ordered this pillow for his daughter."

"The large movie theater-sized box of m&m's just has a regular, normal sized bag inside. And it cost $4.75."

Was this an honest mistake, or did the seller hope that nobody would see the difference?

"Bought this hat for a full-sized human..."

"My wife bought me Cookie Monster pajamas for Christmas."

"The shirt I ordered for a Game of Thrones event and the shirt I actually got."

Always check the dimensions when ordering online.

When you pay for a blanket and you get this:

Check the size twice when you shop online.

"Ordered a headrest on Amazon, and got a poster of a headrest."

This Pakistani dress has a Shutterstock watermark on it.

"Just bought this Polo T-shirt but when I got home I realized the man was carrying the horse instead."

"My uncle ordered this barbecue for $50 on Amazon."

This is not a rug.

"My coworker ordered a mirror from eBay and this is what she got."

"Ordered 50 lighters from Amazon, and got 50 matchbooks."

"They looked good on the internet until I got my delivery."

"I think I deserve an explanation. What I ordered doesn't look like what I got."

"Note to self...check the dimensions of EVERYTHING before ordering on Amazon."

Do you have a way to avoid disappointment when buying something online? Share them with us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit PuleMafereka / Twitter
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