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20+ People Who Can Easily Win the “Fail of the Year” Award

We all have bad hair days from time to time and the key factor here is how we react to them. However, a broken disc, a hole in the ceiling, the ultimate friend zone prize from the girl you love, and ruined home appliances can worsen even the brightest of moods.

We at Bright Side hope the characters of our compilation don’t give up and that this unlucky period will soon be over.

When my electric toothbrush fell down, I was confused when it didn’t sound like it hit the floor."

Drill here: there’s no cable here.

There goes Christmas lunch

Happy holidays!

The result of running an entire Uno deck through the wash

“I received this gift from my crush.”

Christmas turkey status: mission failed

“My neighbor just tried to throw his Christmas tree off the balcony.”

“My UPS driver ran over my package.”

“I’ve been waiting 2 months for my gas range to be shipped from Italy only to have them drop and smash it 20 ft from my house.”

“Time to move, I guess.”

A visual reminder that we all should be careful when opening Christmas gifts.

When you realize cooking is not your cup of tea:

“Why my wife says we can no longer have a real Christmas tree:”

“No kids it’s not Santa, just Uncle Jeff trying to get the damn tree.”

“I was looking forward to having some nice bread from a local bakery.”

When you chose a window seat:

That’s too cruel!

“I learned the hard way why regular dishwashing soap should never be used in a dishwasher.”

These are literally called “Eclipse Absolute Zero Total Blackout Curtains.”

“My friend works as an extra in movies and as a model for stock photography photos... I just saw him pictured as a violent offender on a bus in Florida.”

Bonus: Try to remember what’s around you when putting on VR glasses.

Yeah, the characters of our compilation had some really bad luck. How do you react to failure?

Preview photo credit Jukkster / reddit