20+ People Who Clearly Made a Poor Life Choice

Sometimes, brain glitches can happen to the best of us. We might forget how dieting works or think that climbing a ladder sitting on top of a couple of tables looks like a good idea. However, these are not good ideas at all. We might even consider taking a hot bath directly on top of a fire. There are millions of examples of bad decisions like this.

We at Bright Side have collected 21 of the most fascinating examples of people who make the worst life choices.

1. Everybody has their own diet.

2. That’s some hardcore BBQ!

3. At least he tried to put safety first...

4. He might think he’s a Jedi but he’s not.

5. Honestly, it’s quite inventive.

6. Is he crazy or a genius? We’ll never know.

7. But that’s not how it works...

8. No wonder women live longer...

9. This person lives in the year 3018.

10. We hope this is photoshopped.

11. We’re not sure that she’ll ever love summer again.

12. This person messed up so badly that there’s nothing else to say.

13. We don’t think safety was a priority here.

14. At least they’re here for each other!

15. They’re not in costumes just for fun, man.

16. What did she expect?

17. It’s good he’s fearless but he’s surely not immortal.

18. They didn’t think this through...

19. Was there really no better way?

20. They’re too close for their own good.

21. And they say the army isn’t fun...

If you have other examples of people making weird life choices, please share them in the comments below.

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