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20 People Who Didn’t Know Their Tiny Mistake Would Cost Them a Lot

It’s often said that a mistake repeated more than once is a decision. And we all know that not all decisions are good ones. The good thing is that watching people make funny mistakes is often a great source of entertainment, and perhaps there’s even a lesson to be learned for the bystanders!

Bright Side knows that humor is a great way to deal with challenging moments in our lives. If you can’t find the humor in your situation, don’t hesitate to look around.

“So my dad got a new credit card and said he wanted a picture of him on it. He thought it was going to be a tiny picture like the previous card he had so he sent them a picture of him and then got this.”

“I got a tattoo of Lincoln when I sat on a heated penny that was on my front seat today.”

Nothing stays buried forever.

“Some poor guy left his car on the bank and high tide came in, filling it with water.”

The way karma should bite all rude people:

“I decided to fix a glass door today.”

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

“Cut my own bangs and put a tattoo on my face the night before picture day.”

“I didn’t want my current job to know that I was looking for another job. The news filmed me at the job fair.”

“My friend made a series of mistakes today...”

“I’ve made a terrible mistake...”

You never know until you try.

Women don’t forget mistakes.

And they’re always ready to remind you about them.

Not where you’d want to “sea” your boat...

“Been going for 4 hours and I need to present my Master’s thesis in 7 minutes.”

A second later

Realizing you went for a swim with your phone in your back pocket...

“My roommate decided to dye her hair. She’s a Smurf now.”

Have you ever made mistakes that made you regret your actions immediately?

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