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20+ People Who Found Their Twins in the Most Unexpected Places

Have you ever been to a museum and noticed that the person in a painting looks like your reflection? Or maybe you look like a cartoon character? People from our list had the rare chance to meet their twins in a computer game, a book, a gallery, and other unexpected places.

We at Bright Side suspect that some people are immortal and are just hiding it. There’s no other way we can explain why they look 100% similar to these paintings!

“I finally found my celebrity doppelgänger.”

“Just wait, I have a better idea,” one of the subscribers said and made another collage with a picture of this guy.

This is a perfect illustration of the " -_- " emoji.

When you go to a gallery and discover that you haven’t aged in 430 years:

He might have been separated from his twin brother in childhood.

She found herself in a book and was extremely happy.

“This is my dad and he says that he doesn’t see the resemblance.”

“My wife has always been sure that I’m a king.”

“I finally turned into the doll I wanted to be when I was 7.”

“Meet Emperor Hadrian, he’s a friend of mine.”

“My friend looks like Daria from the cartoon.”

It seems like someone knows how to turn back time...

It looks like he lives a separate cartoonish life.

She looks like she just walked out of the painting.

We have immortals walking among us!

He looks like Scar from The Lion King.

“But I still have 2 ears...”

“My son has always reminded me of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes.”

This girl hasn’t grown up much since the 18th century.

“My uncle looks suspiciously like the chef on this pack of pasta.”

His mustache used to be bigger...

“So, my sister is the Girl with a Pearl Earring.”

This boy couldn’t keep his eyes off the model who looked like him.

This dress reminds me of something from my childhood.

Have you ever met your twin? Share your photos in the comments and let’s see how similar you are to each other.