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20 People Who Had Their Camera at the Right Place at the Right Time

Being in the right place at the right time could turn out to be your lucky day, or you could simply take an absolutely unbelievable photo. It could be something goofy like your pet doing something very weird, or a bird stealing the food off your plate right as you’re about to take a picture of it. Capturing those moments happens once in a lifetime and they always make for a great conversation!

Bright Side is here for you to provide you with 20 pictures taken at just the right moment to hopefully boost your mood for the day!

1. “Before and after he realized I was in the room.”

2. “This one got a little greedy.”

3. “You gonna finish that?”

4. Snowball fights can indeed turn you into Neo from the Matrix.

5. “I thought Morgan was looking at his owner, but upon closer inspection; He locked eyes with a fly.”

6. His wife accidentally took the coolest picture he’ll ever have!

7. “It’s fall out of one of my windows, winter out the other.”

8. “My daughter stepping on a LEGO.”

9. “I got hit by a wave while taking pictures of the beach...”

10. “High-five, human!”

11. “I had just finished saying ’I can’t believe she never falls in!’”

12. “The moment my dog saw a bee fly by.”

13. “My parents’ cats were finally being nice to each other, but things quickly changed when I tried to take a picture.”

14. “Took a picture of my parents on a boat with a rope swing. Attempted back flip gone wrong.”

15. “I snapped this photo of a Cardinal jumping and it looks like he is floating.”

16. Their battle is so fierce that they created lightning!

17. “Poor lady bug is about to get clubbed.”

18. “Took this picture of my cousin mid-flash.”

19. “Mum caught a squirrel eating bird food.”

20. “Caught this incredible exploding meteor when I went to Rattlesnake Lake in Washington, USA.”

Have you ever shot an epic or funny perfectly timed photo like these? We would absolutely love to see some more!

Preview photo credit OMGLMAOWTF_com / reddit
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