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20 People Who Just Hit Savage Level Legendary

Parents, teachers, and even pets all go through times where they just have no patience for the shenanigans the people around get them into... And their reactions to said foolishness can be utterly hilarious to watch. We dedicate this article to those proud few who get so “savage” that they can only be described as legendary.

Bright Side has collected some of the funniest images out there showing where patience has run dry.

1. He’s trying to make his owner jealous... That’s who he’s staring at.

2. “So this kid in my history class fell asleep, my teacher stopped class, got down on the floor, and tied his shoes together...”

3. “When you tell your man you caught the bouquet...”

4. Seriously, this is the plot to Snow White all over again.

5. That’s certainly one way to end a relationship...

6. University police can be the most merciless.

7. Please, won’t somebody think of the poor animals?

8. The one day they forgot to coordinate their clothes...

9. The Valentine’s Day gift nobody wants...

10. For Halloween, this girl decided to be what all men dread most in their hearts: Commitment.

11. “I literally asked my mom to buy a lightbulb... SHE BOUGHT ONE BIGGER THAN MY HEAD.”

12. The strangest thing is that it took 10 months to find a badly parked car.

13. Good news is still good news, just in a weird package...

14. “My teacher left the room during a test, so we all started sharing answers. Then I look up and she was staring right at me.”

15. “I turn hotdog water into ice cubes for guests that I don’t like.”

16. We don’t condone his actions, but we’ve all secretly wanted to do this.

17. “Left my window down at Walmart and came back to a slice gone.”

18. “He’s trying to prove to a girl that he’s in bed.”

19. This guy won $1 from the lottery, but wanted his 15 minutes of fame to last.

20. Mom just loves personalizing her kids’ birthday cakes.

Has someone proven to be too savage for you to handle? Let us know! Share your stories!

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