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20 People Who Know a Thing or Two About Awesome Finds

Going to thrift stores or flea markets is unexpectedly fun. You go in looking for one thing but you end up falling in love with a whole world of mysterious and unique second hand objects. Each of them tells a story and they help you to express your personality in your home and office.

Bright Side combed through the internet and picked some of the best finds, that you only get if you’re extremely talented or extremely lucky.

1. “My mother’s honeymoon dress from 1954 fits my daughter beautifully.”

2. “My daughter was driving down the road and found this gem at the curb for trash pickup. He is now protecting her porch.”

3. “I found an adult-sized rocking horse today at a Missouri Goodwill!”

4. “We happened to go to an antique expo in town where we found a Silly Cycle. My grandfather, Reedy Ellington McLellan Sr., invented them. There are probably only a handful left in existence. I burst into tears when I saw it.”

5. “In this 1959 World Time Clock by Howard Miller, all the times light up. If it’s a black background it’s nighttime and if it’s a white background, it’s daytime. My husband and I have been saying ’good morning’ and ’good night’ to all the countries.”

6. “Found at an antique shop The prototype for toilet paper showing that it clearly is supposed to be over.”

7. “Found this fairy dress at a second hand thrift store. It’s my favorite outfit. It seems hand stitched.”

8. “I found this strawberry toilet seat at Goodwill in Portland, Oregon.”

9. “I found this cat bracelet today and yes it came home for my sister Holly.”

10. “Pardon my ridiculous ’I just paid $20 for full chainmail’ face.”

11. Someone found this at the Salvation Army. Maybe there’s a Baby Yoda one too out there somewhere.

12. “Every cat lover’s dream chair!”

13. “Found this around the vases at Fabulous Finds in Port Charlotte, Florida. They didn’t know it was a hat!”

14. “Sometimes you just know a good thing when you see it. It was thrown in a garbage pile and I’m so thankful that I pulled it out.”

15. “The top is a random painting I bought, the bottom is my dog, Applesauce. I had to buy the painting, the resemblance is uncanny!”

16. “100+ year old magicians suit.”

17. “I like to believe that someone’s grandma worked really hard on this! I feel so lucky to own it!”

18. “While cleaning out an old farmhouse my girlfriend and I found a trunk full of early clothing from the 1900s. This dress was on the bottom and in the best shape.”

19. “The weird thing about this find is how specific it is to my roller derby teammate. Unicorn helmet cover found at Goodwill and gifted to The Last Unicorn.”

20. “I found a brand new version of my childhood teddy bear at a flea market.”

Do you ever go to thrift shops or flea markets in search of that extra special something? What’s the best second hand object or piece of clothing you’ve ever found? Come to the comments section, where we’ll be waiting to hear all about it!