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20 People Who Know How to Lift You Up and Bring You Down at the Same Time

If you have friends who can skillfully combine compliments with insults then you definitely know what it's like to receive congratulations with a catch. You might be thrown in with the old people, your office walls could be covered with Justin Bieber posters, or you could get a birthday cake with some interesting wishes on it.

Bright Side put together some examples of surprises and congratulations that leave you not knowing what to do - laugh or cry?

I should have asked for a magic wand.

Uncle Dave dropped in with presents.

It's worth a second thought when someone gives you presents like this.

They congratulate you in a way that terrorizes you.

Honesty is the key to happy relationships.

The postcard that has a zero meaning

A mug from my beloved wife

Feel special.

"Sister got me this for my 18th birthday..."

Not all surprises from co-workers are equally pleasant.

Never leave your office unlocked on your birthday.

"My grandma had me decorate my dad's birthday cake."

Some friends can even turn a bachelor party into a funeral.

"After 10 years of marriage the notes are less cute and more to the point."

"Our roommate left town for a few days... So we prepared a small surprise for him!"

"My boss jokingly claimed to be a Brony so we decided to go all out for his birthday."

When your mom outdoes you in Halloween costumes:

Happiness - Disappointment - Happiness

"My darling takes care of me!"

"For the past 3 years, my wife has made me a Yoshi cake for my birthday. They're always terrible, but I don't care."

Have you ever received these types of presents yourself? Or maybe you're the one who likes to do similar pranks? Tell us in the comments below.

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