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20+ People Who Know What It Means to Be Unlucky Better Than Anyone

Everyone knows that feeling when it seems like someone stole your luck — nothing works like should and you constantly fail. Even a hot pizza or the words "Pass me the wine please!" don't help. Why? See for yourself!

Bright Side has collected 23 photos which show that bad things happen to everyone. The most important thing is to not lose your sense of humor and remember that tomorrow things will be better.

1. A great start to the day

2. A fast, but not the most pleasant, way to cut your beard

3. This is just as bad as dropping your spoon into your soup.

4. The owner of this shoe is not having the best day.

5. "I was taking my driving exam."

6. "My hotel room comes with this view."

7. "Guess I'm not getting my mail today."

8. Are you kidding me?

9. "Was helping my mom clean out the attic. The attic had other plans for me."

10. "Forgot to remove the crock pot from the top of my toaster oven after I made dinner last night."

11. "A feather pillow exploded in my washing machine."

12. My onion has two-layers of skin.

13. When a baby is 2 years old and you need that number for their birthday cake:

14. "My sister's RN balloons flew away right before her grad party started."

15. Pass me the other bottle, please.

16. "Aaaaand my phone is at 10%."

17. Does anyone understand how this happened?

18. "I just wanted some cheese..."

19. "Worst day ever!"

20. Better stay away from this.

21. This would ruin anyone's mood.

22. "Sliced my hand in two places."

23. The spring is really rough this year.

Bonus: when you're too fat to get through the door:

Have you had an unlucky day like this? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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