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20 People Who See the World Through a Different Lens

Seeing things as a glass half full or seeing them as a glass half empty are just two perceptions of reality that most people have. But in this list, some of the glasses have two handles and a hat apparently.

We at Bright Side are all for exploring the world through the eyes of different people, yet somehow we couldn't believe some of these views.

1. “My boyfriend has his own idea of how to correctly use duct tape.”

2. There's nothing unusual here. Wait a minute...

3. This stern figure is just a piece of history, but with a yo-yo, he's a delightful legend.

4. “My daughter said that this bottle opener looks like a parrot.”

5. Turning dirty cars into artwork

6. A good way not to get bored on the train.

7. "I asked my son to use chopsticks at a Japanese restaurant. This is how he used them for the soup."

8. "What I mean when I say I want to try new foods."

9. Self-irony, level: God

10. "I have no beds and one boat. Do you see what I mean?"

11. When you're stuck at work, but you know the truth is out there:

12. A wild wrench feeding its young

13. Pick up tips from Spider-Man

14. "Selling my phone. The phone is not in the photo because I used it to take the photo. But the phone has this width and length."

15. An old rake is the best wine glass holder!

16. An act of intelligent vandalism

17. It looks like it has always been there!

18. The first skater monument ever

19. "Hey, pass me that mayonnaise correction pen too."

20. Front-facing Peppa Pig will haunt your dreams tonight.

Which one of these made you look at the world from a different angle? Be sure to share your views and your own stories in the comments!

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