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20+ People Who Seriously Crossed the Line, and We Can’t Get Over It

There are many people out there who fight about whether you put the milk or the cereal in the bowl first, proving that nothing should be taken for granted. Maybe you shouldn’t even consider it natural that people use milk on their cereal, because apparently some are using orange juice.

Bright Side dug up 26 images of humans proving that they really are the most inventive and diverse beings on this planet.

1. Yep, that seems about right.

2. Who’s on the phone calling the police?

3. Some people love crust so much, they eat it first.

4. ’Cause ketchup goes with everything.

5. For some people, cucumbers are fruit too.

6. Combining veggies and dessert?

7. It’s a kiwi, not an apple.

8. Starting from the inside out

9. You always eat the best part first.

10. Yes, there are people who eat pizza with a knife and a fork.

11. Why do people use Kit Kats as straws?

12. Ice cream with fries is the next big thing, either you like it or you don’t.

13. When all you’ve got left in the kitchen is popcorn, tortillas, and ketchup:

14. An alternative way to eat watermelon

15. Not everyone drinks orange juice in a glass.

16. Dipping Oreos in water is a true sin.

17. This person desperately needed a triangular piece.

18. Who eats like that?

19. How do you have the heart to do that to sushi?

20. Why don’t you eat ice cream instead?

21. Some people are monsters.

22. Beans on toast for breakfast looks fantastic.

23. Americans must be truly disgusted by this.

24. Not all food can be eaten like corn on the cob.

25. An alternative sandwich

26. This is so unsettling.

What pic was your favorite? Do you have a weird way of eating something? Share your unusual food combos with us in the comments below!

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