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20 People Who Should Have Their Hairdressers Fired

Cutting or dyeing your hair can be a fantastic decision for some people, but, for others, it can become the perfect time to experiment. Reddit users published photos of people with very particular hairstyles, demonstrating that the human imagination has no limits.

Bright Side collected some of these images of haircuts and hairstyles that could be considered disastrous and even confusing.

1. -“Make it look as close as possible to a cup.”
— “Say no more...”

2. An ideal place to hatch eggs

3. Who needs a tiara nowadays?

4. I bet this one also reminded you of that famous emoji.

5. Keep it cool on the top and warm on the bottom.

6. He doesn’t look very happy.

7. Maybe that’s a raccoon peeking out...

8. — “I want a hairstyle that’ll be hard to copy.”

9. It’s weird, but to be honest, it doesn’t look that bad.

10. — “I just want some sort of little fluff on my head.”

11. Buy 3, pay for 2: Cup style haircut, straightening, and balayage.

12. Jimmy Neutron, is that you?

13. “The ’my favorite song is Wonderwall’ haircut”

14. At least it has a meaning.

15. Please, make it look like spaghetti.

16. Ideal for the change of seasons

17. What kind of cake is this?

18. Unicorns do exist.

19. A sort of a long mohawk?

20. Was he inspired by Yayoi Kusama?

Have you ever had a hairstyle or haircut as bold as the ones in this collection? Tell us in the comment section and share your photos with us!

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