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20 People Who Sure Know How to Make Life Fun

Boredom can push people to do amazing things. Some of them become really creative, others start playing, and someone else does truly special things. Because filling an Excel table manually, building an igloo in the backyard, or organizing a Tyrannosaurs race are not hobbies that many people have.

Bright Side has collected some photos for you proving that some people just can’t sit and do nothing.

1. “I spent 2 years but I filled in all 17 billion cells in Excel manually.”

2. “Started being conscious of what I eat and decided to limit myself to one snack a day.”

3. “I’ll just leave this here to show my impression of Neymar’s game.”

4. “Old man passing out printed memes at the senior center.”

5. T-Rex run

6. My own kind of igloo

7. “Mini bosses hiring”

8. “Bet we can beat you at hide-and-seek, Uncle David!” “Bet you sure can’t.”

9. “Finally I’m done with this. Origami real scale Facehugger, folded from a 1.4-m silk paper. Took me over 15 hours to fold, because the paper was kinda too big for me to handle.”

10. “At work, sometimes I get bored and try to fold the smallest origami I can with just my hands. This is the smallest one I’ve ever folded.”

11. “I made a dreamcatcher out of office supplies.”

12. “So today I learned that bread can conduct electricity.”

13. “Need a pen?”

14. “I made a Luna lion hat a while ago using an old bicycle helmet and lots of papier mâché!”

15. “100+ hours alone just to design it.”

16. “I glued a bunch of googly eyes on my dino shirt.”

17. “My dad is a lawyer and he takes his dog Frannie to work. He trained her to deliver documents to other lawyers up and down the hall. She gets paid in milk boxes.”

18. “His bark is worse than his bite.”

19. “I fall asleep for just 30 minutes and my girlfriend did this to my face!”

20. Some people clearly have too much free time.

How do you fight boredom? Tell us in the comments section below.

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