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20+ People Who Take Better Shots Than Any Pro

A photograph is like a pause button: you not only capture the moment, but the feelings that come along with it. What makes a picture unique is its perspective and timing. While portraits are always a classic, playing with your subject can give you outstandingly creative shots — capturing the sun, licking the tower in Pisa, or even catching a Lilliputian fist-bumping Gulliver.

Here at Bright Side we compiled some of these amazing images that will surely break your sense of perception and force you to look at the world in a more creative way.

1. Scientific phenomenon can be bewildering. But not when you have a teacher as cool as this one!

2. “So what if there are no surfboards? I got your back, bro!”

3. “I feel as free as a bird. Let’s fly!”

4. “Life is like an ice cream cone. It’s best enjoyed before it melts.”

5. “Drink me, Alice.”

6. “Who needs dragon’s breath, when I have the power of the rainbow?!”

7. “Through the looking glass.. err.. Sea!”

8. Eureka! Eureka!

9. This is where heaven and earth meet...

10. “Winner, winner — chicken dinner!”

11. “Let me capture the clouds...”

12. “I see you. Can you see me?”

13. “Ahhh! Bigfoot!”

14. “Hold on. Just hold on.”

15. “Let yourself go. You’re bound to bloom.”

16. “Life is a game of balance.”

17. “You blew us away... literally!”

18. Holding on to fall...

19. “Be willing to be a child and be a Lilliputian in the world of Gulliver.”

20. “Paint the sky. Make it your own.”

21. “Everything’s a toy.”

22. Picking up a ball of fire!

23. That is the world’s longest and most well-groomed bear- Wait a minute... What!

24. Slam dunk!

25. The happiest day of your life, presented by: your friends.

26. “You get the best photos by playing with the light.”

Which was your favorite pick from our collection? Let us know some of your cool photography tricks in the comments below.

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