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20 People Who Took a Strange Selfie, and the Whole Internet Loved It

Selfies have become mandatory for millennials these days. Some even end up taking 50 shots to get that one perfect selfie. According to popular belief, the selfie originated in Australia, supposedly by a drunk man more than a decade ago. But we should probably call it a comeback, not an original idea, since the self-portrait was painted way back in the 16th century.

At Bright Side, we came across a few selfies, some of which were cute, some weird, and some funny. Have a look.

1. Pugception

2. Macho man

3. Selfie lessons start in childhood.

4. Will this be my last selfie?

5. What is he up to?

6. People do the weirdest things for a selfie!

7. Everything is worth it for a selfie.

8. Whose expression is better?

9. Who is mimicking who?

10. Don’t eat me Mr. Camel!

11. This is what we call a smart selfie:

12. She tried to take a selfie while clapping. We wonder who caught the falling phone.

13. When you take a selfie without asking permission, this happens:

14. This selfie addict couldn’t resist taking one after his plane crashed.

15. And that’s a smiling horse...

16. The real selfie is on the bottom left.

17. If superman took selfies...

18. And the mirror gives it away...

19. With selfies, there are no rules about time and place.

20. The award for the most savage selfie goes to...

Have you ever taken a weird selfie? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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