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20 People Who Took Pumpkin Carving to a Whole New Level

According to statistics, about 46% of US citizens carved Halloween pumpkins in 2017. Some of the 46% managed to carve regular jack-o’-lanterns, while others ended up creating another masterpiece.

Bright Side is going to show you some fascinating pumpkins displaying creativity at its best. Don’t miss our bonus at the end — it will show you the cutest jack-o’-lantern fails (or not fails) and it’s actually up to you to decide!

Sweet chubby pumpkin!

When the level of your creativity goes beyond imagination:

Deep sea carving

How on Earth did they do it?


Love those eyes!

A giant jack-o’-lantern!

Just look at how well the tiniest details are worked out here:

The saddest pumpkin ever

We scare because we care!

Despite the deep undercuts and shadows, this is one single solid pumpkin:

When you like both sewing and carving:


Can you make a jack-o’-lantern from a monkey brain fruit?

Meet Vader the Pumpkin!

“Harry, is that you?”

Pizza pumpkins work too...

Keep smiling no matter how big you are.

Any pumpkin fail can turn out to be cute.

This is what happens when you’re left to do the team pumpkin:

When you haven’t decided whether you want to celebrate Halloween or Christmas:

Which of these pumpkins made you laugh the most? Are you good at carving jack-o’-lanterns? We would be glad to see both your masterpieces and fails in the comments!

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