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20+ People Who Took Things Way Too Literally, and It Was a Huge Mistake

In everyday life, nuance can be a tricky thing. And surprisingly, so is following simple instructions. As it turns out, quite a few people have trouble reading between the lines and end up committing massive fails.

At Bright Side we took a look at a number of situations where people completely missed the point and took things way too literally.

1. They ordered “one pepperoni pizza” and the restaurant did not disappoint.

2. When you ask a new employee for a copy of their passport and they bring you this:

3. This guy asked his friend to peel half of the potatoes in the bag and this is the result.

4. A very wise person indeed

5. Not the sponge cake I was craving.

6. “My mom asked my dad to a get an ’unconventional’ tree that she ’didn’t have to decorate.’ And my dad delivered.”

7. Maybe it’s better to just chill about the spelling of your name in coffee shops.

8. “Ordered some mushrooms at a Chinese hotpot restaurant, and they were brought to us still growing on a log.”

9. This poor soul who just wanted a lettuce burger but got their vegetable serving for the day instead.

10. Hopefully this was on the dollar menu.

11. “I spilled water on my phone and asked my grandfather to put it in rice to dry it out. He thought I meant cook it with rice.”

12. This extremely literal situation

13. This little girl who’s getting acquainted with geometry

14. Everything is a matter of perspective.

15. “This company asked what we would like on a sign to commemorate our day trip. My friend replied with ‘Whatever you decide is great.’ They took it literally. It does sort of make quite an inspirational quote!”

16. This person is not entirely wrong.

17. Well, that’s unfortunate.

18. That is pepperoni pizza taken to the max.

19. Please follow road signs with common sense.

20. This is my friend’s tattoo. When asked “What does that mean?” He replies, “I don’t know, I don’t speak Chinese.” That is literally what it means.

21. A math genius, ahead of our time

Which one was the most absurd to you? Have you ever had trouble misinterpreting things because you were being too literal? Share your stories in the comments below!

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