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20 People Who Tried to Keep Up With Fashion but Went Too Far

A real fashionista is the one who sets trends and invents new ways of wearing clothes and accessories. But sometimes these experiments just go too far. Would you be interested in a chain mail tie, shoes with chicken feet, or black crocs with spikes and rivets.

At Bright Side, we like to keep an eye on those who are not afraid of being too daring and eccentric. Maybe, some of you will see their genius in these weird things.

Wooden shoes with wheels

Frosted tips and double eyebrows

Beaded hair portrait

Lace up knee high boots for men

When it’s good to always have wet wipes at han... sorry! at foot.

A winter cap for brainiacs

Punk crocs

The rainbow chainmail tie

Furry shoes

A big fail requires big excuses

Growing mustache out takes too long.

The perfect shoes for those who want to cover their tracks:

High heeled pants

“You haven’t gone crazy, it’s my purse...”

The wooden tie

These leggings whose cats look right into your soul

Salami earrings

The watering bag

The reflective coveralls from the 80s

A bag from the sea

Which of these fashionable items would you wear? Or maybe you have photos of some other fashion breakthroughs? Share them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit iucipur / twitter
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