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20+ People Who Wanted to Party Like Rock Stars, and Did

Trying to figure out the course of last night’s events by using pics on your phone, finding caring notes to your morning self, and even discovering that you now have a new pet. These stories are an essential part of an epic night out! Even if sometimes, in the morning, you might be ashamed of what happened.

Here at Bright Side we love hearing stories from “last night” and seeing hilarious pictures of party kings. So here are more than 20 pics that prove, if you don’t remember what happened last night, it was probably a good party!

1. Looks like I lost my earrings yesterday. Oh wait, here they are.

2. “Accidentally bought my toad 100 top hats while I was after-party online shopping...”

3. “This morning, my fiancé showed me this picture from last night. Apparently, I was getting frustrated with our dog because he wouldn’t answer the banana phone.”

4. “Woke up the next morning and found this picture on my phone.”

5. On the train, on the way home from Oktoberfest

6. Some people have way too much money and time on their hands.

7. His past self put shoes in the refrigerator, so that in the morning he could definitely find them, genius!

8. My friends decided to get 3D scanned and printed.

9. “So my roommate came home after a party last night and doesn’t remember designing an entire airplane.”

10. When you’re the first one to fall asleep at the party:

11. When you come home hungry after a party and find some chocolate, don’t rush to take a bite — it might be soap.

12. My roommate, who just came from a party, was “saving this for later.”

13. When you just can’t find a fork, make it from a clothes hanger.

14. You might be used to figuring out what happened last night from the clues you left around the house — but sometimes it’s just inexplicable.

15. So, I might’ve got a little tipsy and made my cat a fort.

16. One of the perks of walking home from a party are the things that you found on the way and brought home.

17. So, after a party, I adopted a cat. I guess this is my life now. Meet Spaghetti.

18. “I fell asleep in a taxi and no one woke me up, now I’m back at the taxi man’s house watching Take Me Out.”

19. “Found out why my alarm didn’t go off at 9:30.”

20. “Boyfriend came home from a party late last night, I woke up to this...”

21. You know what’s up when your dad starts calling you “pootis” in text messages.

22. “Wait... If this is my Snickers bar, where’s my — uh oh...”

23. “Apparently last night I responsibly took my contacts out before going to sleep.”

24. “I woke up at 2 AM to find my roommate passed out in a box of packaging peanuts.”

Did you recognize yourself in any of these photos? Do you have any after party stories or photos that we could add to the list? We’d be happy to hear from you in the comment section below.

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