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20 People Who Wipe the Floor With Logic

At age 3, children start to develop critical thinking skills, but the people included in this list seem to have skipped that phase altogether.

We at Bright Side love to take a break in the middle of the day to refresh our view on things, so come and join us!

“Teacher, I think Tommy is broken.”

They told me bananas were an energizing fruit...

Crazy hair day

Never know when you might need one...

“I bet I can do this in one go!”


The joy of being single

Pay phone use in 2018

Uber is expanding

“Wife said we’re having Mexican tonight.”

Thanksgiving is coming...

We’ve hired a new mechanic. He’s a little weird.

The correct way to customize the unused buttons in your car:

Meals on wheels!

The Riddler

Why have one laptop if you can have 2?

I’d say she’s got the beauty part covered...

Standards nowadays...

Now that’s dealing with baggage!

Why not?

Which one of these photos had you laughing out loud? Be sure to share your thoughts (and funny photos) in the comments section below — we love to hear from you!

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