19 People Who Wish They Could Erase That Page Out of Their Lives

Researchers confirm that being lucky or unlucky has more to do with psychology than probability. So if you keep experiencing epic fails, it's time for you to change your way of thinking. However, right now it's time to laugh at someone else's unlucky expense, because the people in this compilation seem to be having the worst day ever!

Bright Side has gathered pictures displaying the unluckiest people who we can actually relate to from time to time. Don't forget that white stripes in life always come after the black ones!

1. A mother came home after work and found her son hanging like this.

2. A dad decided to clean the toilet and used a bath bomb by mistake.

3. A fan who forgot that his baseball cap had a peak

4. A girl who's been wearing a cute strappy shirt all day

5. A guy who realized he used the wrong spray for his lawn

6. A woman who made herself a sandwich and couldn't remember where she'd put it

7. A man who didn't remember how to actually use an umbrella

8. A girl who found her dog with an ugly haircut after she'd left it with her mom...

9. A driver who missed his car insurance payment

10. A person who was really hungry and accidentally ate fake fruit

11. A guy who wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a fancy dinner...

12. A woman who got her sweater stuck in a mixer

13. A person who got the "lucky" seat on the plane

14. This girl who mistook hair removal lotion for shampoo

15. A sculptor who created a masterpiece... and dropped it

16. A guy who left his family with no omelettes for the rest of the week

17. A kid who's just gotten some ice-cream but never got to try it

18. A guy whose lunch made it onto the train without him

19. A girl who didn't expect her first visit to the zoo to be that scary

Which of these situations did you find to be the worst? Have you experienced any epic fails recently? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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