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20 People Whose 2019 Didn’t Start Way They Expected

We all hope that each upcoming year is going to be much better than the last one. But reality has already ruined some people’s dreams and prepared unpleasant surprises for them. And their relatives, pets, and children are ready to add fuel to the fire with their pranks and jokes.

Bright Side hopes you’re able to deal with all your challenges easily and treat unpleasant situations with humor, just like these heroes.

A Japanese style door was a big mistake...

“My friend’s roof leaked during a big rainstorm, and the water ended up trapped inside the house paint.”

“Fortunately, it’s an iPhone... If that was a Nokia, the dog would have no teeth left.”

“So excited to use my pizza cutter for the first time.”

“Guess who thought the soy sauce was syrup this morning...”

“The ice cream defeated my spoon...”

It’s so hard to be a lady.

“I washed my hoodie, but we don’t have a dryer so my mom and I thought it would be a good idea to hang it outside when it was −9ºF.”

Almost The Ring

“Paid extra for the window seat...”

“No tea? Twice? No bag? Are you kidding me?”

When your 2-year-old cousin comes over:

When you follow the instructions perfectly:

Someone’s going to be late to work today.

Marketing specialists always upset us.

“My sister got me $50 in singles and wrapped each individual dollar.”

When even the sauce is against you:

“Bought detergent. First, I spent all day trying to open it. Second, there was nearly no detergent in there!”

“An apple pie my mother tipped over”

Poor cowboy

How did your 2019 start?

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