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20+ People Whose Eyebrows Are So Extra, It’s Hard to Forget Them

Eyebrows might seem like they’re not important, except for protecting our eyes from dirt, but they can completely change our appearance. The way they’re plucked is crucial, and there are people who get far more creative. From cats and flowers to some crazy lines — these hilarious eyebrows will surely cheer you up.

Bright Side has collected 23 pictures of unusual eyebrows and offers you the chance to take a look at their proud owners. A good mood is guaranteed!

1. Here’s what being a fan looks like:

2. Well done, honey! It’s almost a unibrow.

3. When you already know what’s in all your gift boxes, but still want to look surprised:

4. These eyebrows look like her lab experiment went wrong.

5. What? Do you dare to argue with me? Poor thing...

6. Got a problem, sweetie?

7. When the labels on your clothes aren’t enough:

8. Salvador Dali would be proud of her.

9. A perfect variant for those who desperately need the proper reputation

10. Well guys, today we’re having a reproductive anatomy class...

11. She clearly needs some help...

12. These 2 almost got married.

13. Brow dots: when piercing is not enough

14. This is unfair! His brows are thicker than my hair.

15. The alibi that’s always with you.

16. When you’re fed up with everything, but still try to look involved:

17. Catbrows: take the coziness of your home with you.

18. When plucking eyebrows is too boring, you get creative:

19. Her love for nature is written on her face.

20. She’s like: “Ooh, this is gonna be a exciting!”

21. Aliens are coming!

22. Hey, this guy sends you the vibes of love.

23. Well, who needs eyebrows anyway?

So guys, which pic did you like the most? Have you ever met someone with weird eyebrows in real life? Maybe you or people you know went through a “crazy brow” period? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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