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20+ People Whose Inventiveness Could Be Enough for the Entire World

People will probably never stop trying to make their lives easier and better. In addition, when we help ourselves, we help others as well — like taking care of a dog in the rain, warning a passerby about the uneven sidewalk, or replacing a mom for a hungry baby. In order to make their plans work, people reveal their fantastic inventiveness.

We at Bright Side are still impressed with some of the life hacks from this article, mostly because you can tell that their creators cared about their surroundings when they were inventing them.

It seems that this dog was lucky to find this owner.

When you’ve already tripped on this part of the sidewalk and you want to warn others with the help of some bright duct tape:

“The delivery person hid the package so porch thieves could not steal it.”

“This dog lost its ears, but my sister made new ones for her.”

When there’s no hot water in an engineer’s apartment:

“Someone at my office left a toilet paper roll on the seat to let people know the stall was out.”

When both the owner and the cat have equal rights while sharing an apartment:

“Our new fitted sheet has labels for the tops and the sides.”

“My hotel in Tokyo leaves a little note beside my bed with tomorrow’s forecast details.”

“Someone in my city made these to feed the stray dogs.”

This sausage & cheese stick beer-festival-hero is giving out free snacks to everyone.

“This is the lesson timetable our school uses.”

“My 10-year-old dog likes to sleep on my legs. I made her this out of some of my old jeans, for her to sleep on while I’m at work.”

Her mama isn’t home and she wouldn’t take the bottle, so her father had to improvise.

"I titrated a drip to continuously water my plants."

When there's nowhere to put your baby carrier in a cafe:

Don't throw away cardboard boxes - they can be used to build a luxury villa for your cat.

"My hotel safe has a plug so you can charge your electronics while they are locked away."

Dogs also want to enjoy the outside scenery.

"My wife brought my computer into the living room, so I could enjoy being with my family while still playing games."

When you need to finish your work, even in poor weather conditions:

Use cardboard boxes as eating blinders for your cats. It will help them enjoy their food without getting distracted.

Which tricks do you use for yourself and for others? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit DMLorance / reddit
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