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20+ People Whose Laundry Day Didn’t Go According to Plan

Whether you do your laundry regularly or not, you can certainly experience a few mishaps along the way. It can be the classic mistake of mixing white clothes with colored garments, forgetting some change in a pair of pants’ pockets, or even ruining your running shoes.

We at Bright Side thought we ought to put together some hilarious laundry accidents that will make your day.

1. “I accidentally washed a couple of dollar bills and one turned out to be a counterfeit.”

2. “I accidentally washed my earbuds.”

3. “Lip balm that I accidentally washed in the laundry machine”

4. “My mom had this pic of my dad that she wanted to get scanned for my sister, but she forgot about it in her pocket and accidentally washed it.”

5. “This sticker I accidentally washed with my shirt looks like a shattered moon.”

6. “Accidentally washed a book of matches.”

7. “My pillow said, ’washing machine and dryer safe’ yet I opened up my dryer to this.”

8. “What happened when I accidentally washed a penny”

9. “I’m a terrible girlfriend and I accidentally washed my boyfriend’s pocket watch that he liked.”

10. “Accidentally washed an entire box of Bounce strips.”

11. Always check pockets before washing!

12. “Accidentally washed and dried this paper towel and it held together perfectly.”

13. “Accidentally washed my wallet and this dog appeared.”

14. What happens to sneakers in the dryer

15. “I accidentally washed and dried an almond and it created the most perfect, naked nut.”

16. “Accidentally washed my only pencil in my jeans last night. While taking notes today in class, my pencil started leaking water.”

17. “So, I accidentally washed my wife’s new camera...”

18. What happens to anti-stress pillows when you throw them in the washing machine?

19. “Anyone ever wonder what an RFID cloth tag looks like? Here you go.”

20. “I accidentally washed my white long-sleeved shirt with red clothing and ruined it so I thought I’d dye it blue!”

21. “I accidentally washed a large load on the medium load setting and now my jeans have these white marks.”

22. “Fixing this sweater that I accidentally washed with a purple fluffy jacket”

23. When you accidentally leave your glove in the back pocket of your shorts and wash them:

24. “I accidentally washed and dried my $10 bill and it shrunk to a quarter of its normal size.”

What is one of the worst experiences you’ve had while doing your laundry? Tell us more in the comments below.

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