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20 People Whose Life Could Be a Script for Your Favorite Sitcom

Sometimes you find yourself in situations that are so bad or ridiculous, they’re actually comical. A piano dropping on your car or being a runaway bride in the underground: these are exactly the type of things that make their way onto our screens, in the form of the sitcoms we love so much.

Bright Side is here for you with a compilation of photos that will hopefully have you belly laughing. It might also put some of your own problems into perspective, so have at it!

1. A horrible mistake. Or is it?

2. Siri is having none of it.

3. Unfortunately, no hug in the world can fix this.

4. The One Where the You’d Want to Take Off the Plane

5. “They forgot to put their drain plugs in.”

6. Either Joey from Friends had a son or this is old evidence of his own tendency to do stupid things.

7. Wash and dry for the price of one!

8. “I didn’t have my glasses on so I just guessed.”

9. Parking gates were created to test our patience.

10. When you can neither adult nor relive the good ol’ days:

11. “Just looked up from my breakfast to this.”

12. Apparently this happens in real life too...

13. Now they’ll have to settle for tears as the main course.

14. At least there’s no face imprint.

15. Victoria from How I Met Your Mother is back at it again.

16. They must have thought that towing wouldn’t be enough punishment.

17. The deepest and most important of life lessons:

18. Maybe he’s being framed.

19. The books in this library aren’t actually old, just darkened by the power of Oreo dust.

20. Hopefully he didn’t pay much for the horse teeth.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation worthy of being featured in a sitcom? We’re waiting to hear all about it in the comments. And don’t forget to add a photo too, if there is one!

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