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20 People Whose Life Motto Is, “Relax, Take It Easy”

These people can take a nap at the office, use tangled headphones, and peacefully chill on the subway. Their philosophy is simple: no stress. That “who cares” attitude and sense of humor can save you even when you’re in the middle of a hurricane in ankle deep in water.

We at Bright Side hope you have a nice day and found 20 pictures that can give you relaxing vibes!

1. “My statue of Zeus broke and now he looks like he’s throwing someone a roll of toilet paper.”

2. Taking a nap in the office in front of all your colleagues? Well done!

3. He saves money on shampoo and haircuts.

4. It takes too much effort to change the roll.

5. He knows how to seize the moment.

6. There is no bad weather when you have good company.

7. The master of chilling

8. He just needs a little private space.

9. When you don’t want to waste your time doing the dishes:

10. Bad weather... No, I had no idea.

11. He couldn’t care less.

12. The knot in her headphones may be annoying to everyone else, but not this lady.

13. The system is ruined but people don’t care.

14. So annoying and relaxing at the same time.

15. This is how he switches off the world.

16. I repainted the sign, boss.

17. “I ate tomatoes over the sink and now I have sink tomatoes growing.”

18. He thinks this is fun.

19. There are some people who just feel at home anywhere.

20. He’s not lazy, he’s just saving time.

Which mood are you in today? Do you often worry about the little things? Please, share your comments with us below!

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