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20+ People Whose Luck Turned Its Back on Them

All of us have been through moments when everything just seemed to go wrong. Sometimes it’s an anti-theft tag which they forgot to remove in the shop, and you notice it only right before your important interview, or when you pour sugar water instead of regular water into your iron. The heroes of this selection definitely experienced some unlucky moments.

Bright Side found 23 photos of people who have the right to be mad at their lack of luck.

An infant waking up from a nap finds himself covered in groceries

“When you pour Volvic flavored water into your iron, it doesn’t make your clothes smell of forest fruits. It just melts all the sugar and ruins your iron and top.”

“Let’s go to the peak, they said. You can see for miles, they said.” Pikes Peak, Colorado

“I’m home alone and locked the bathroom door.”

“Right before the interview, I noticed that they forgot to remove the anti-theft tag from my suit in the store.”

“My coworker drove a forklift over a can of oil.”

“Not the ride I’d want to go on...”

“I live in a town where I have been waiting for this to happen for almost 24 years...Today, it finally happened!”

“A girl I know went to the zoo and accidentally dropped her phone. She didn’t want it back.”

“The F fell off my Ford Fiesta Flame. Now I drive a Ford Fiesta Lame.”

When you try to finish all your work before 6 PM on Friday:

“I swear I didn’t do anything.”

The morning started off well.

When your noble steed doesn’t want to be in the middle of a battle:

“Someone must have been out of it last night. In for quite a surprise this morning.”

Sometimes you just want to get drunk because you missed your chance to get drunk.

“Don’t just sit at the intersection. Back up a little.”

“We put your SUV on the lift and, uh, it turns out there are more problems than we thought.”

When you need to add just a little bit:

What just happened?

One small detail can put a cross on the efforts of hundreds of people.

A few seconds before

One akward move and you have walk for the whole day.

Have you ever found yourself in similar situations? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!

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