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20+ People Whose Misfortune Blacklisted Them a Long Time Ago

Sometimes it seems that luck has turned its back on you and everything is going wrong. But even if you hit your leg hard on a table, break your phone, or if simply don’t notice the glass door you’re about to walk through — don’t get upset, it could be much worse. The heroes of today’s compilation prove that it can always get much worse than you think.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve decided to prove that your life isn’t a sour lemon but rather, a sweet peach.

“I asked my assistant to remind me to feed the baby.”

When you’re at work and suddenly notice smoke...then you go outside to check what had happened and get extremely disappointed:

It could have made a nice painting...

Everything was going smoothly, but the glass door had other plans.

A fear from childhood: an escalator that eats shoes

“We had a project in our class where we were supposed to build chairs out of cardboard — this was the result of the first test.”

Miracles do happen, but not this time.

When you wanted to fly a paraglider, but the circumstances were against you:

“My wife was almost on time for a toy sale on my eldest son’s birthday.”

That’s what happens when you leave a car in the heat with a can of spray foam inside.

When the background is much more interesting:

Even the inflatable swan is against alcohol.

“The way the corner of the table found my pocket”

It’s hard to imagine what walking through this would be like.

When you have 2 identical pairs of shoes...almost.

That feeling when all your life is sinking along with your phone:

Something definitely went wrong here.

Looks like the final scene of some epic movie.

The owner of this car had a strange morning.

Self-confidence played a “dirty” joke on him.

When the toilet paper roll runs away from you at the most crucial moment:

They were trying to steal a wheel when the owner suddenly appeared.

When you like double cheese portions, this situation can easily happen to you:

Oh, that look!

What epic moments have you or your friends encountered? Please share your stories in the comments!

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