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20 People Whose Motto in Life Is “It’ll Do”

There is a category of workers who can make you freeze with the results of their work. They march proudly with a banner that has the slogan, “It’ll do!” on it. This philosophy can be found all over the world.

At Bright Side, we’ve suffered at the hands of such workers many times, but we want you to read the stories of those who were “luckier” than us.

“Technicians came to fix our heating system. They brought this perforator drill. They said it’d been holding like this for a month.”

“We sent a request to the management company to change a broken tile on the common balcony. This is what they did.”

Don’t step on it! It’s a trap! © MolestiaStyle / Pikabu

This engineering idea is truly impressive.

“I had my bathroom renovated when I was away in another city. The sink found its ’perfect’ place.”

The best way to break a shop window in the quickest amount of time

“I love our buses.”

No screw — just use a zip tie.

Beware! Car painting, level 80

It’s a Justin Bieber couch. Now you’ve seen everything — shut the Internet down.

A pedestrian is not a train, they can walk around the bicycle.

“The radiator didn’t fit in the bathroom. It was my workers’ fault. But then my client’s workers installed water pipes. I laughed until I cried.”

“I think I had a stroke.”

“This key was screwed and painted to the door frame inside my wife’s apartment.”

“I asked my younger brother to screw the broken slide bolt to the door. He came up and assessed the scope of work. That’s what he did.”

“We did a shoot of some private land. The owner decided
to shut in his huge dog like this. The feeling of safety never left me.”

“Wait, this is a historical monument?”

“The machine was standing like this in a shop for 2 weeks. Today, they finally took the toys out from the plastic packages. All this time, the machine was on.”

“My father broke the door to the shower stall and this is how he ’fixed’ the problem.”

“I guess plumbing isn’t for everyone.”

“The property manager sent painting contractors to fix my loose balcony rail.”

Did you see any examples of the “it’ll do” mentality in these jobs? Share them in the comments below.

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