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20+ People Whose Politeness Was Cherished and Awarded Online

Do we ever meet polite and considerate people in our lives? Of course, we do but unfortunately, this doesn’t happen as often as we’d like it to. So, if a person next to us apologizes for being too tall, doesn’t make people around them pronounce their difficult name, or sends a nice photo as a response to a text that was sent by mistake, we instantly grab our phones, take a pic, and share it.

We at Bright Side have seen dozens of photos like these, so here are 20+ pictures proving the world still has polite people who care about others.

Just a polite, tall, Dutch guy at a concert...

This is probably the best solution in this situation.

“I feel like it’s my duty to notify all the strangers my cat befriended at my apartment complex.”

“My burrito came with a warning.”

A thrift store that hangs the pants sideways so you can easily read the tag, size, etc. when browsing the aisles

“Sent a picture of my kids (left) to the wrong number and their (right) response was...”

“My hotel room came with a ’fresh remote’.”

These workers sprayed down a disabled man’s wheelchair after he went through some wet cement.

A local business marked a Killdeer (bird) egg location near the driveway to give patrons a heads up.

“I wanted to do something nice. Now the garbage men don’t have to smell garbage—they can smell some fresh fruit! (They’re nice and cold too, I had them in the fridge.)”

“My daughter is a server at a pretty busy place. Some people are so awesome!”

“Some bros retrieved lost keys they found along the trail.”

In Berlin, it’s hard to go every few years without losing your bike.

When you give an awesome present to a stranger:

“I ordered something from an Etsy shop and Canada Post lost the parcel. The owner made another one, sent it AND reimbursed me. I finally got it and she included a $5 gift card!! Go check her out!!”

“I live in a busy town in LA. Today, this man got out of his car and directed traffic so this family of geese could make it back to their pond safely. People often run over the geese, so it was nice to see this man help!”

“A big thank you to the random lady who gave my brother words of encouragement before his driving test. Thank you! You made this experience easier for him.”

“This little kid offered to read my 1-year-old daughter a book at the library. She was very intrigued and loves waving at people she likes.”

A very polite sign

“A sticker that was on my package from Japan”

The workers at the airport sorted the baggage to make it convenient for the passengers to recognize their bags and pick them up.

What examples of politeness have impressed you recently?

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