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20 People Whose View of Design Is Very Special

Shovel USB flash drive, microwave mailbox, and fish-shaped slippers – what do they all have in common? All these things can be created by anyone who feels a sudden and unbeatable urge to create something.

Bright Side has collected the results of unexpected waves of inspiration which are funny and surprising at the same time.

"My wife wanted to make a pillow for the car that looked like Simon's Cat, but this is what she made."

Once upon a time at an intersection

"A knitting friend told me she thought these were really impressive."

"Well, I'm not sure..."

Just a happy elephant

This looks like an ordinary USB flash drive...

...but it's actually a shovel!

At the risk of sounding phony


What do you think?

"Fish slippers that my grandma sent my sister."

Liam "Nissan"

Adidas stool

At least you don't need a driver's license...

Nice apartment design

"Awful taste but great execution."

For those who can't choose between sneakers and boots:

"I would smack his head to try and save his life."


"My wife was bored and decided to do something creative."

"Next on Ridiculously Impractical Nails!"

Which of the pictures surprised you the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

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