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20 People Whose Wit Could Outshine NASA Specialists

They say creativity is the pusher of progress and Internet users have managed to prove it once again. Whether it’s a new method of frying bacon or an unusual way to enlarge a trash bin, the inventors from this article really deserve a round of applause.

We at Bright Side admire people’s wittiness and tried to find real gems on this topic on the Internet.

1. This guy is well aware of how to make solid money.

2. “This is how my brother makes bacon.”

3. Perhaps the best life hack I’ve ever seen"

Tie your hair ties and scrunchies to your brush when you’re not using them or if you find one.

4. Broke your left side mirror? Not a problem!

5. This guy knows how to avoid the pains of boiling pasta.

6. “Each of the bins is a dinner — I put together all the ingredients so I can just pull out a bin and everything is right there!”

7. Need AA batteries but only have AAAs? This guy knows the solution.

8. A chair + a plastic bag = a trash bin

9. No more losing Wi-Fi signals when cutting the lawn!

10. Why buy a new clock?

11. “I needed a hands-free way to read while snacking on peanuts.”

12. For those who feel too lazy to go outside and take out the trash:

13. Nothing can stop you from cooking if you’re really in the mood for some barbeque.

14. Multifunctional hangers

15. “My neighbors (college kids) are testing a new cash flow alternative.”

16. Lack of counter space and a lack of bag clips? Kill 2 birds with 1 hanger...

17. If you’re traveling and don’t have any garbage bins

18. An easy way to keep your cat off your keyboard

19. When you need a smartphone stand:

20. For those who are tired of the summer heat

Have you ever managed to come up with an ingenious idea about something ordinary? We’d be glad to read your life hacks in the comments!

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