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20+ People Who’ve Broken Boundaries With Their Originality

There are so many incredible things that people invent to make their lives more comfortable. And very often, they’ll manage to create an ingenious life hack. All they need is a couple of improvised means and a bit of style — and the characters in this article have plenty of both.

Bright Side has collected 24 inventions thanks to some geniuses who knew exactly how to make life easier.

24. “I broke my phone’s touchscreen. Now I’m using a mouse to navigate it.”

23. When you don’t want to waste your time or money on hairdressers:

22. If you can’t find a stable position for your tablet, find a stable position for yourself.

21. Use forks to cool a laptop down.

20. If you put one of these on your chair, you won’t have to worry about anyone taking your spot.

19. “I made a new knife-holder.”

18. When they tell you they’re not going to buy you a scooter:

17. “Turned my old boot into a flowerpot.”

16. “I use a hairdryer when I need to melt cheese and the food is not hot enough for it.”

15. “My husband just made a phone stand out of a potato.”

14. “I’m restoring some headphones from improvised materials.”

13. When you don’t have a flight pillow but you need to find a way to sleep:

12. “My mom uses diapers to wrap glass bottles in our luggage.”

11. How to make a phone cover for free:

10. Does your vacuum cleaner do a poor job of picking up dirt? Use a dumbbell and it will clean much better.

9. “I asked my dad for a cordless drill.”

8. When your landlord is against dogs:

7. “In order to find the right glasses for me, my dad printed a picture of my face and brought it to the store with him.”

6. The person responsible for food at this party is simply genius.

5. “I put a bubble level on my basic drill so I know when I’m 90 degrees perpendicular to the ground when I’m drilling vertically.”

4. “I created my own bowling alley in the backyard.”

3. “We’ve simply put the monitor on the table and changed the camera position in FIFA and we got table football!”

2. “I’m using a picture frame because I have a broken laptop hinge.”

1. How to make sure your baby won’t be distracted:

Have you ever created something as simple and ingenious as the inventions in this article? Please share them in the comments!

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