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20 People Who’ve Heroically Climbed Out of a Problem

Generally, hacking is frowned upon because it’s an unethical, and most of the time, illegal activity. However, there is one type of hacking that is not only legal, but it’s also encouraged and there are no repercussions for it! Hacking your daily life is something every single person should do, it makes everything easier.

Bright Side strongly supports problem-solving and that is exactly why we picked some easy-to-do, impressive life-hacks for you! You can thank us later.

20. How to never cry again when slaying onions:

19. A simple yet effective way to watch The Office or anything else for that matter

18. If you’re moving, use this method to make it easier when transporting your clothes.

17. Use a straw to get the butter at the bottom of the popcorn.

16. At least this provides some comfort on the plane...

15. Do you have a broken laptop hinge? You’re welcome!

14. Hooks have many uses.

13. How to use plastic bags and removable hooks:

12. How to make sure you’ll never forget your keys:

11. The perfect night stand

10. 1 hanger to rule them all

9. A binder clip to make your life easier when brushing your teeth

8. A homemade sprinkler

7. Drilling always makes a mess. Well, not anymore...

6. Put boiling water in a glass to heat it up. Then dump out the water and put the glass over your butter. In just a few minutes it will be soft, not melted.

5. When hanging something with 2 hooks, use painter’s tape to get exact markings. Then simply hammer in your nails and peel off the tape.

4. Only 1 battery? No problem.

3. How to keep your paint can clean:

2. Prevent shoulder bumps by hanging your sweaters like this.

1. How to bake 2 pizzas at the same time:

We will definitely try all these hacks! Will you? Do you know any other life hacks that can make our daily lives easier? We and all the other people who read this would love to know, so tell us in the comments!

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